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It’s Lovely to Meet you!

Hello and welcome, my name is Jane. I am so happy that you have found me.

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I guess if you are browsing my site, you are looking for help with your child’s sleep.


So congratulations on taking the first (or perhaps final?) step. 


As a Mum of four and a Paediatric Sleep Coach, I can only wish that sleep coaches existed when mine were little. I would have been first in line! 

Here you can read about my journey and how I help parents across the world.

Jane, The sleep coach

Certified Sleep Nanny Academy Consultant

How it all started....

When our first daughter was born we were so happy. A beautiful bundle of joy.
I remember the first evening, bringing her home, and she was fast asleep in her pram. We both nearly jumped out of our skins when she started crying! 6 weeks of sleepless nights followed!

By some miracle, by six weeks she was sleeping through!

We believe this happened as we followed the advice of a nurse at the hospital to feed and feed during the day, and it worked (for all four of our children). Job done we thought! 

Unfortunately at four months a so called Sleep Regression hit…and that's when the fun began!… rocking to sleep, multiple night wakings, early starts, short naps…what a shock that was. We had no method, no support, and as expat parents no family nearby to help.

What always makes me smile is we attended prenatal classes, talked about the birth, feeding, how to change a nappy…but why didn't anyone mention sleep? Is it a taboo subject? 

All I heard at the baby groups were parents complaining about the lack of sleep but not being proactive and doing something to resolve the situation. I didnt even dare to say mine had slept through from 6 weeks to four months. It seemed like we had to suffer to be part of the sleepless parents group! Did this have to be the norm?

My husband and I love our sleep. We also love socialising. Was this the end of that? We had tickets to see Britney booked ;-)

Back in my day there weren’t any sleep coaches. But there was one popular sleep training book.
So what we did was to read it…take what we felt we could use…and become consistent. We started a good bedtime routine, and then became committed with our response towards any night wakings. Within a short time, and without ever leaving her to cry, our first born was sleeping through again. By following wake windows, the day time naps naturally fell into place.

When I dared to mention my children slept through from 6 weeks, friends started asking me for support and guidance. I learnt fast never to offer advice as to be honest sleep is only an issue when you feel it is an issue. Many parents don’t mind being up during the night, they believe it’s part of being a parent and that it will end soon. Others believe the only way to get children to sleep is to leave them to cry. So, I say, do as you wish, but if you want help, it’s here for you.

That’s why I want to help and support parents now…

With all my experience and gentle techniques that I have learnt over my many years of experience with children as a parent, nanny, Nursery and KG teacher, Doula and Sleep Coach. The key thing I have learnt over the years is that children thrive in a calm environment and with clarity and consistency.

My Sleep Coaching Approach

When we work together I will really get to know you as a family and what you want. 

I ask you to clear your mind of any previous info you have read/googled/heard/tried and we will start afresh together. 

Is there any guarantee that it will work? I would say from experience that it always works when parents are open and honest about their expectations and tell me exactly what is happening at home. That way I am able to guide them in the best way possible. Just like training for a marathon the coach can only guide you and you have to do the running!

Family at home

This is the “there will be some tears… but you will be there for them” method!


As a mum of four, and someone who has over thirty years experience of working with families, the last thing I am going to do is to tell you to let your child cry at bedtime. But - news flash! - Children cry! It is their way of communicating, so there will always be some tears. 


My aim is to teach you how to be there for your child and not to leave them to cry. For example I will never tell you to leave the room for a long period of time and leave them crying.


Bedtimes will become a special time again, with time to enjoy cuddles without the fear of a nightmare time ahead… and you can spend happier times together during the day with a well rested child.  Who doesn’t want that?

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And what is the biggest benefit of having a child that sleeps well?
That you can sleep too… and that leads to a much happier family.

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If you are reading this and thinking “yes, that’s me”… then you are not alone.

Child on the Bed

    Does your baby/toddler/child:


  • Need to be rocked or nursed to sleep?

  • Wake up as soon as you put them into the cot?

  • Wake multiple times?

  • Come to your room during the night?

  • Cannot fall asleep without contact from you?

  • Asks for multiple things at bedtime- milk, water, more stories, etc, but won’t go to sleep no matter what you do?

  • Do you dread nap and bedtime?

  • Do you have to keep replacing a dummy for your child to sleep?

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